What is the main role of a placement company and what are the processes for high-tech recruitment?

The role of the placement Hub Security company: In light of the accelerated pace of change in Israel and the modern world, a situation of a dynamic and changing market has been created

Quickly and accordingly also the manpower requirements in the various high-tech companies. In order to find a solution to the variety of existing sectors

In the economy and to create a perfect match between the needs of the high-tech company and the needs and aspirations of the employee.

It seems that today the role of the high-tech placement company has become more thought out and required than ever.

What is a placement company?

A placement company is a professional, experienced and high-quality manpower company that provides placement and employment services to employees who are interested in recruiting employees to their ranks.

A professional placement company is a leader in the field of human resources while listening and flexibility and creativity and in accordance with the values ​​of the company to which it provides quality manpower.

A quality placement company usually specializes in the staffing of jobs and the placement of quality and reliable employees in a variety of professions while working and innovating professionally.

Advanced processes and changes in the modern market.

What are the roles of a placement company?

A quality and professional placement company puts before its eyes to provide a service and solution for finding employees with skills, qualifications, and with quality and education relevant to the required position,

In the fastest time and while perfectly adapting to the needs of both the employee and the customer company.

In what areas does the placement company operate?

The role of the placement company is to be a leader and provide an efficient and professional placement service in a variety of fields. Such as, the areas of public services, areas of information security, the areas of diverse tourism,

Professional fields in the world of industry to high-tech companies that provide a variety of challenging fields for staffing. Just as there are companies that centralize leads and turn to customers, so we turn to those designated for the job and put you through a rigorous screening process that will ultimately yield you the best employee.

How does a placement company work?

The placement company is a manpower company, which advertises in various places the variety of jobs offered in the market,

The placement company takes care of getting to know the job and compared to the employee looking for the job and matching and offering only the most suitable employee at its discretion,

And that which has the necessary and precise qualifications for the job sought.

Its purpose is to connect the right person to the right job in the shortest time and with maximum efficiency.

Locating a quality placement company

You can easily and efficiently locate an online placement company that provides quality manpower placement services,

And together with them start a process of recruiting and placing suitable and successful employees for your company.

The placement company will fully cooperate with you and help you precisely define the job requirements for which you are looking for candidates,

In order to streamline the placement process, screening interviews and deciding on the most appropriate employees,

And for the success of the recruitment process in the shortest time and efficiently in order for you to achieve the perfect employees for the position you want to fill.

High-tech placement – the process

The high-tech placement process is a relatively short process, and on average each required job is open for 61 days,

From the moment of receiving the resume until the signing of the employment contract, about 33 days pass.

The steps for a high-tech industry employee who is interested in a job in a high-tech company are similar, and these are:


Resume filtering

Each position in the high-tech industry is approached by about 143 candidates who send resumes.

The screening stage is basically reading the resume and checking the suitability of the applicants and their skills for the job requirements.

The role of a placement company in the resume screening stage is critical and important, since a placement company is professional and high quality.

Apply candidates only to professions that are truly suited to their skills and also to the conditions they set.

It is known that placement companies send to all high-tech jobs on average only about 31% of the applicants,

But close to fifty percent of them, i.e. every second candidate out of the proposals, are defined by the recruiting company as relevant to the position.

telephone interview

Typically out of 143 applicants applying for any position in the high-tech industry, only about 12% will get to the next stage is the telephone interview stage.

Sometimes a telephone interview is actually the stage of summoning for a frontal interview, but usually this stage is necessary for screening and indeed in the telephone interview

Another 40 percent of job candidates are screened.


Frontal interview

The average accepted in the high-tech world is about three and a half frontal interviews that include:


Human Resources

Professional interview

Assessment centers

Professional tests and more

A first interview is usually with the CEO, or CEO if it is a startup.

The interview will be part of an introduction to the company and the role, general background about the company, the product, its years of existence, current projects and more.

Part two will describe the role of the recruiter and the staff and then there will be a description of the position for which they are recruiting, detailing professional needs that seem appropriate for the selection of the candidate,

And details of the technology in which the company operates. And the requirements of the job as well as those responsible for it.


What is the process from here?


The candidate’s professional experience is then examined, the professional background, the last job and finding overlapping issues for the requirements of the current job.

After examining the professional knowledge, there may be a test to examine knowledge and terminology from the content world of the job.

All problem solving and more

A second interview will be with a senior manager and will be based on the insights from the first interview and in addition will ask more personal questions for personalization to a work team.

This is followed by a human resources interview, in which the employee is honored to be interviewed by the human resources manager, prior to entering the job.

At the end of the successful process, the job offer reaches the desired job, which will be implemented with the utmost professionalism and success for both parties.

Recruitment for high-tech

Today we live in a challenging technological age and changing with tremendous speed, we have become accustomed to the emergence of new high-tech products in our lives quite frequently.

It is no wonder, therefore, that we are also witnessing the emergence in the market of very many startups that after having managed to mobilize the many investors and resources in their favor,

And after their product success in the market and the demand for the product grows, they become high-tech companies that renew our lives with a wide range of technologies and products. Lots of high-tech jobs apply to employees looking for work in the fields of information and cyber security, technologies and more.

Naturally new high-tech companies engaged in new technologies for manufacturing up-to-date high-tech products have a wide range of changing needs.

The great success of high-tech companies in increasing the value of their shares on the stock exchange or in a large exit, or in various mergers is not a trivial matter.

And as one of the CEOs of a famous high-tech company called Intel initially defined it, the company’s most important and primary resource is the human resource.

The importance of placement companies

Today every high-tech company owner knows that the impact of human resource in his company, i.e. the people who work in it is the main and exclusive factor for the success of the company.

A high-tech company that will succeed in recruiting the highest quality, professional and efficient staff for its needs and that will invest in its employees in a serious and cost-effective manner,

You will be able to soar and succeed big time, so the competition for hiring excellent employees between high-tech companies is serious and significant competition and can sometimes affect the future fate of the company.

Recruitment for high-tech – criteria

One of the most important and desirable elements for a high-tech company in recruiting employees is of course the examination of the employee’s professionalism and knowledge in the position for which he is intended,

But no less important and perhaps even more so is the examination of the personality of the employee.


Does he have a cordial and pleasant personality for teamwork?

Does he have the ability to cooperate optimally?

And does he have leadership ability?

What are the job requirements definitions?

In order to be able to quickly and efficiently recruit required employees for a high-tech company, and in order to select the most suitable employee for the job,

An exact definition of the job requirements is required, and only then can the appropriate employee be sought.

Of course after defining the exact job requirements and receiving inquiries in Hub Security. A controlled screening of the resumes of the various candidates is required,

In order to invite to the job interview the most suitable for a personal interview to check their suitability for the job.

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